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Who Are We

Silent Women Speaking foundation provides avenues for long term alike relationships, profound speaker(s) that bring words of encouragement, resources, and hope to the hopeless. With that being said, many mothers who attend the events that bring a wealth of knowledge, survival experience, and have became a support system for other stricken families in the community and are positive advocates against violence in the community. Through the grace of God, the Silent Women Speaking Foundation has not ignored this community problem. This foundation brings light to the issue by continuing to remind awareness in the community as it relates to the needs of these mothers and will continue to host these type events while remaining involved in the lives of those that often time cannot bear this burden alone!


The "Why"

These mothers are a part of our community and deserve to have a safe voice without a rebuttal. In addition, Silent Women Speaking Foundation has opened their doors to other hurting mothers in other communities. The activities have impacted and provided a safe nonjudgmental place for mothers from all walks of life to give testimony on how gun violence and /or other tragic violence has affected not only their lives, family and friends lives personally, but also their lives within the community publicly.

We Remember Them!

Email us a picture of your fallen loved one and share their story so that we can help keep their memory alive!


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