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Who Are We

We are a Sports Program built on Inspiration,Education & Love. We work in disadvantage communities to help make a positive life choice that enable them to maximize their potential.

Youth Giving Back Sports Mentor Program is a 501c3 non profit organization based out of Jacksonville FL. 

High School and attend college to further their education while demonstrating their athletic abilities. We understand how difficult it is to balance athletics, school, social life and the everyday happenings of a young teen in these times. YGB has set to simplify the process while engaging with the student to ensure that they are on a path to success. We cover a wide range of athletics including.
Track and Field

Most of our students and many in the professional rankings come from under-developed and under-served communities. Most were drawn to athletics as an escape with hope to better their lives for their family and their future. But as they come to find out, that task was very daunting. YGB is committed to equipping them with the tools necessary to compete on the court as well as in the classroom.

As a part of YGB student-athlete curriculum, we will provide SAT/ACT prep, Microsoft Office Training, Harvard Leadership Training Program, Online Marketing Classes as well as a dropshipping course. These are skills that they can take with them to college ."EXCEL"!

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