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About S.W.S

Silent Women Speaking Foundation sole mission is to serve and empower mothers who have lost their children to gun violence and/or other violent acts of crime within our community.  The goal is to provide educational support, social advocacy, and promote healthy productivity, and a positive relationship among community members, leaders, and contributors. 

These mothers are a part of our community and deserve to have a safe voice without a rebuttal. 

Meet the Founder..

Haraka “ Nikki “Carswell created Silent Women Speaking Foundation Inc through my nonprofit organization Youth Giving Back Sports Mentoring Program.

" I found my-self repeatedly growing closer and closer to stories that were related to violence, specifically mothers who had lost their children to gun violence. These stories impacted my life personally. Although I have not lost a child, I am a wife, mother, and a concerned citizen. The Silent Women Speaking Foundation was birthed through a heartfelt hunger to give wounded mothers a reason to use their grief as an avenue to not just thrive, but to empower themselves to live productively while supporting others.

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is our mission to serve and empower mothers who have lost children within our community. through educational support, social advocacy, promote productivity among community members and contributors. ⁣


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